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Interior Design

Flagship Optical Store

Commercial | Retail Space


The objective was to design a store that appeals to the youth while maintaining a contemporary edge. The store needed to accommodate a substantial number of high-end opticial products while including a coffee bar.

To display a large inventory without creating a cluttered appearance, a main display was designed to run along the left wall, accentuated by mirrors and profile lighting. A long central table serves dual functions as both a billing counter and a display area, enhancing circulation and use within the store. The color palette integrates the brand's colors with whites and wood tones to create a cohesive and attractive environment. The inclusion of a coffee bar adds a distinctive element, differentiating the store from traditional optical shops, with the serving window drawing public interest.

The primary challenge was to accommodate a vast array of products without making the space appear bulky. It was essential to ensure the store remained open and inviting while incorporating diverse elements such as the coffee bar. Balancing functionality with aesthetic appeal was crucial.

The combination of these elements results in a premium eyewear store that makes a strong statement, completed within a stringent one-month timeframe. Whether designing large commercial spaces or intricate stores, the focus remains on efficient layouts while preserving the brand’s identity. This project presented a unique opportunity to seamlessly blend an optical store with a coffee bar, enhancing both design and customer experience.

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